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To Bikini or Not to Bikini? June 3, 2011

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Summer, summer, summer time!!! It’s summer time alright. Just a walk to the mailbox leaves me wanting to sprint back into the air conditioning before I begin to glisten. That’s right, women don’t sweat, they glisten. That’s if you play your cards right. I used to have no problem with the heat and simply wore less as the temperature rose.  Shorter shorts, spaghetti straps, flip-flops, a teeny bikini,  anything to get air and flaunt what I had. My motto was Flaunt it while you got it. Ah, the freedom of putting anything on and walking out the door. Now I laugh when I imagine the reaction I’d get walking into my kids’ schools  if I had continued to dress that way. So, over time  I begrudgingly passed those short shorts on to the next generation, and one by one I replaced clothing with more age appropriate pieces while being ever so careful to avoid matronly or frumpy wear. I felt like I was wearing a costume at times. Where was my midriff? Where were my thighs? Oh, just covered. Man was it hard, but THE hardest by far was parting with  my collection of bikinis. Now keep in mind I had them all: string bikinis , brazilian cut, thongs, triangle tops, bandeau tops, halter tops, various colors, prints and the tinier the better. I started out weaning myself off of wearing them  slowly and have even saved a few as if getting rid of them would be like getting rid of a part of me.  Melodramatic much? Admittedly yes, but there are just some things in life that really represent who you are or at least were. If I was an article of clothing, I would have been the bikini. It’s that simple. For me, it signified simplicity, youth, freedom, fun memories and the beach lifestyle that I loved and immersed myself in. Yet, with time and the emergence of stretch marks from my sweet little babies, that youth and freedom to expose thyself came to a screeching halt.  Queue the violin please. 🙂 So, here I am at summer’s door again drooling over the bikinis I would love to have added to my collection and alternately scrolling through 100’s of one piece swimsuits online with atrocious labels like  “magic suit” and “firm control”. Could they just not already?  I mean we already see and feel the difference between the light and airy feel of a bikini and the mummified wrapping, weight, and architecture of a one piece suit.  UGH! Sooooo, to share my joy, I’ve decided to post  a photo of one of the bikinis I would have purchased in my days of yore as well as the suit I finally settled on. As they say, it can never hurt to dream.  Side note: Is it just me or does the gal in the one piece below look sadder than the bikini-clad gal? I’m thinking so.

Victoria's Secret string bikini

Roxy 1-piece suit


Cute boy says what? May 27, 2011

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Okay, it happened. Like a shock to the system. Like an unsuspecting slap to the face. There I was pushing my cart full of groceries with two very small children in tow when I was approached by a young swedish, college-aged guy. He asked if I would be interested in buying from a selection of books he was selling. Well, the last thing I needed was a book with no time of my own to read and we already had so many children’s books but he was young, hardworking and did I mention stunningly cute? Well, okay he was. Yes, I know that I am married but this was just an innocent purchase I was making. So, cut me some slack here. Fast forward past the book selection process and the payment until the exchange was made, and I thanked him. As I turned to part ways, he responded with, “Thank you, MA’AM.”  (Audible inhale) I was stunned. Was he just being polite? Would I be bothered by this if I was 30 or even 20? Oh come on, he wouldn’t say that if I was 20. In that single moment, I think I even felt my skin wrinkle a bit. Is that actually possible? So, what am I expecting? Well, would it be too much to ask that “Ma’am” be used in reference to women over 60? I know I am just putting it off to deal with at a later date, but I’m fine with that. What do you think? Has “Ma’am” lost it’s hold in the manners category?


Who, what, why?

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Hello People of the Internet!

Cheers to my first official post of many, I hope. For inquiring minds, I am a 42 year old retired beach bunny. A wife. A mom of two.  A lover of movies, magazines, gardening, travel, eating out one too many times, and ice cream. Although I consider myself creative, I’ve never been the person that discovered a passion in a hobby or career. Is 42 too late? I am beginning to think so. I also find that I don’t feel like the average mom. I fit in, yes, but there appears to be too many sides to me. Not like in a Dr. Jekyll sort of way, but in a crazy silly yet serious kind of way. That’s what has led me to starting this blog. I’ve found a need to feed my creative side and an interest in finding other 40 somethings out there that may or may not share in my quirky views on life at this age. You can’t read all that much about us… still youngish but left to feel that we are losing our luster and purpose by the day. Do you stare at your wardrobe and wonder where those favorite cut-off jean shorts went?  Do you go to work and present your professional side only to crank up the Black Eyed Peas on the drive home? Are you still holding on to that cute Brazilian style bikini in hopes that it will be appropriate someday on your 42 year old body? No? Then don’t comment. Ha! Ha! I sure do. I love my family, but WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED and WHEN DID IT HAPPEN?  I must have been blind-sided by my cute babies and the busy world of staying at home raising kids. Sure, I cried at the sight of my first stretch mark, freaked at the longer boob that remained after 2 years of nursing, but as my kids have gotten older and more independent, I’ve had more time to linger at the mirror and reflect on who I am and where I am now. So, from here on out, I will attempt to share my journey with those in the same boat and welcome others who swear they will never step foot on our boat. I too was one of them!