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Cute boy says what? May 27, 2011

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Okay, it happened. Like a shock to the system. Like an unsuspecting slap to the face. There I was pushing my cart full of groceries with two very small children in tow when I was approached by a young swedish, college-aged guy. He asked if I would be interested in buying from a selection of books he was selling. Well, the last thing I needed was a book with no time of my own to read and we already had so many children’s books but he was young, hardworking and did I mention stunningly cute? Well, okay he was. Yes, I know that I am married but this was just an innocent purchase I was making. So, cut me some slack here. Fast forward past the book selection process and the payment until the exchange was made, and I thanked him. As I turned to part ways, he responded with, “Thank you, MA’AM.”  (Audible inhale) I was stunned. Was he just being polite? Would I be bothered by this if I was 30 or even 20? Oh come on, he wouldn’t say that if I was 20. In that single moment, I think I even felt my skin wrinkle a bit. Is that actually possible? So, what am I expecting? Well, would it be too much to ask that “Ma’am” be used in reference to women over 60? I know I am just putting it off to deal with at a later date, but I’m fine with that. What do you think? Has “Ma’am” lost it’s hold in the manners category?


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